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How UV Lights Can Clean Your Air

You may not want to think about it often, but the air you breathe each and every day could be full of contaminants. Many tiny particles in the air are relatively harmless, and you can expect to breathe some amount of airborne particles throughout the day no matter what. But if you have a conventional forced-air heating and air conditioning system, it could push even more contaminants into your home’s air and allow them to recirculate over and over again. Continue reading “How UV Lights Can Clean Your Air”

Professional Duct Cleaning: A Waste of Your Money?

One of the key services offered by many HVAC professionals (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is a routine air duct cleaning. Duct cleaning claims to rid your ducts of harmful allergens and biological contaminants that would otherwise move into your air. Continue reading “Professional Duct Cleaning: A Waste of Your Money?”

5 Products to Improve the Indoor Air Quality

Are you looking for ways to improve the quality of the air in your home? Do your family members suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions? Or do you simply seek the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the air your family members breathe is cleaner, safer, and more comfortable? Continue reading “5 Products to Improve the Indoor Air Quality”

What a UV Air Purifier Is and Why You Need One

There are many options when it comes to providing cleaner air in your home. Because the modern home is foremost build with energy efficiency in mind, it can be difficult to stay on top of the various airborne contaminants and pollutants that can circulate (and recirculate) throughout your indoor space. If you use a whole house heating and cooling system, then you may also want to consider an indoor air quality device to clean your air while it’s being heated and cooled. There are several options on the market today, including the UV air purifier. What is this device and what does it do? That’s the subject of today’s post.

  • UV air purifier? The UV stands for ultraviolet, a type of light that is regularly used to clean laboratory equipment and remains highly prized for its germicidal capabilities. The UV air purifier takes this technology and uses it to clean your indoor air as it passes through the HVAC system. As your air passes through the ductwork, a UV light bulb destroys the mildew, mold or bacteria that are travelling within your air. It does at a cellular level, so that it prevents such particles from reproducing. While it cannot remove a serious mold issue on its own, it’s an excellent means of preventing such issues.
  • Do I need one? It can be difficult to assess the status of your indoor air quality, because doing so is rarely so straightforward as feeling the temperature. Such particles are often invisible to the naked eye. However, there are other indications that may reveal a need for a UV air purifier, such as strange or musty smells, an aggravation of allergies and other issues. Keep an eye on your indoor air quality so that you can take advantage of air purifier technology to ensure that your family breathes clean air while inside the home.

A whole house UV air purifier is the best way to ensure that your home’s indoor air is cleaned thoroughly and properly at all times. Call us today to learn more about this technology. 

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