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What You Should Know before a New AC Installation

AC repair didn’t work. So you need a new AC installation but aren’t quite sure where to start? You shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Before you go about installing a new AC system, it’s important to keep in mind the following information. Choose wisely, and call our team for more information! Continue reading “What You Should Know before a New AC Installation”

DIY AC Repairs Can Damage the System

We know that AC Repairs and taking on new DIY (do-it-yourself) projects can be fun and exciting! Unfortunately, they don’t always go well. Your first attempts at cake decorating might just result in a smudged blur of primary colors. And it might take you a couple of tries before you can build a bench that isn’t a little bit wobbly. Continue reading “DIY AC Repairs Can Damage the System”

Protect Your AC from the Salty Air

It’s a common contributor to the early decline of air conditioning systems and their components that few people think about. The salty sea air in a coastal area can cause an air conditioning system to wear down quickly. You might think that your air conditioning system is safe as the outer casing is sturdy, but even newer systems can be susceptible to this issue. Continue reading “Protect Your AC from the Salty Air”

Schedule AC Repair as Soon as You Notice a Problem

Though our weather has been relatively mild lately, soon enough spring with bring warmer weather upon us. When it does, you won’t want to be facing a malfunctioning air conditioner. This is why it’s vital to take care of AC repairs as soon as you notice a problem. Delaying repairs typically only results in larger, more expensive repairs later. Or, if you are really unfortunate, you could be facing a full system breakdown. Continue reading “Schedule AC Repair as Soon as You Notice a Problem”

4 Ways Your Older Air Conditioner Is Costing You

If you’ve got an air conditioning system that’s over a decade old, it may be nearing the time for a replacement. Your air conditioning system’s got an expiration date (though it’s impossible to tell exactly when this is), and the closer to this date it gets, the less effective the air conditioner is. Continue reading “4 Ways Your Older Air Conditioner Is Costing You”

How UV Lights Can Clean Your Air

You may not want to think about it often, but the air you breathe each and every day could be full of contaminants. Many tiny particles in the air are relatively harmless, and you can expect to breathe some amount of airborne particles throughout the day no matter what. But if you have a conventional forced-air heating and air conditioning system, it could push even more contaminants into your home’s air and allow them to recirculate over and over again. Continue reading “How UV Lights Can Clean Your Air”

Could Your Ducts Be in Trouble? How Leaks Affect Your Air and Heat

Your home’s air ducts have a simple job: to serve as the pathway that goes between your heating and air conditioning systems and the individual rooms of your home. But this simple job becomes a lot more difficult when there holes and cracks in the ductwork that allow air to leak out. As long as a duct has not collapsed, however, air should be able to make it to the vents. Continue reading “Could Your Ducts Be in Trouble? How Leaks Affect Your Air and Heat”

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