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The Importance of Attic Insulation

If you want to save some money on your heating and air conditioning costs every year, you may want to start by paying some attention to a rarely-used space: the attic.

Insulating the attic is one of the best things you can do for your home comfort during both the heating and cooling season. While you may have been told once before that insulation is not necessary in Florida, this is absolutely untrue. Insulation is key to preventing unwanted heat exchange in and out of your home to benefit you in the warmer seasons and in the colder months as well. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of insulation in Yulee, FL, and why the attic is an ideal place to begin.

Insulating a home involves the use of materials able to resist heat transfer to some extent. Heat moves naturally towards cooler areas, and it often refuses to let something as simple and thin as drywall get in its way. This means that heat can easily leave your house during the cooler months as it transfers to the outside, forcing your heating system to work harder, making your family less comfortable, and increasing your utilities. And in the summer, heat can move from the outside to the indoors, reducing the cooling capacity of your air conditioner and costing you quite a bit of money in energy spending. But the material used in insulation can prevent heat transfer, keep your home more comfortable, and stop your HVAC system from overheating.

The attic is a great place to start when you’re insulating a home because heat can easily buildup in the attic. In the winter, the attic is a prime location for heat to escape from the home. You may have heard that heat naturally rises, which means it moves through the attic in the winter. And in the summer, heat can collect in the attic until it transfers back into your home, even with the air conditioner running.

It’s important to always choose experts for attic insulation. The job may not be quite as simple as it sounds. Many experts prefer blown-in insulation, which requires specialized professional equipment, over standard batting. And in either case, a professional will have to know the proper methods to seal leaks and cover vents before installation.

Call Buehler Air to learn how insulation in Yulee, FL can improve your quality of living.

How Do I Choose The Right Type of Insulation?

You’ve heard that insulation is key to surviving harsh winter climates. But did you know that insulation is just as important here in Florida as in areas with less agreeable winters? Insulation provides a barrier which makes it difficult for heat to move back and forth. Heat moves naturally from a warm area to a cooler one. In summer, heat transfers from the air outside through the walls and into your house, and in the winter it tends to move outdoors, even if your heater is running at full force.

So, without proper insulation, your heating and air conditioning systems have to work a lot harder to make up for the excess heat transfer. This means that you’re spending far more on your energy bills and possible repairs due to an overworked system. Besides that, your family members may complain about discomfort. But insulating material is effective enough to prevent this heat transfer and keep you feeling more comfortable at any time of year.

However, there are so many different types of insulating material that it can be difficult to choose the right type of insulation in Neptune Beach, FL. A contractor may recommend any of the following:

  • Fiberglass
  • Mineral Wool
  • Cellulose
  • Plastic Fiber
  • Cotton
  • Sheep’s Wool
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyurethane

How can you tell which type of insulation is right for you? Well, for one, you’ll likely want to choose a material that can be retrofitted into an existing home, instead of one that’s intended for new construction. In most cases, blown-in or loose fill insulation includes fiberglass or cellulose materials, and you’ll need professional-grade equipment to handle the job.

You should also check the R-value of your insulating material. The R-value indicates how effectively a material can resist heat transfer. The R-value needed for your home will depend on which area of the house you are insulating, and a higher number is best.

But insulating a home also requires some expertise and calculations which most homeowners don’t know to perform. Therefore, you should always choose professionals for your new insulation in Neptune Beach, FL, like the folks at Buehler Air. Our skilled contractors can help you to choose where insulation is most needed and which type will give you the most comfort year-round.

Why Insulation Matters

While we specialize in HVAC products and services, we want our customers to know that we can also take care of their insulation needs as well. Your heating and cooling system depends heavily upon the quality and integrity of your insulation. Old and improperly installed materials can lead to serious issues. Here’s why insulation matters.

  • How Insulation Works.  Insulation comes in a wide variety of materials, but it has long been a necessary part of even the most primitive shelters. The basic principle behind insulation in your home is the control of thermal energy. All substances (including air itself) can function as a thermal barrier, but certain materials work better than others. The most common type of insulation is batt insulation, which comes in rolls that are sized to fill in the gaps between ceiling and floor joists, as well as wall studs. Insulation works by controlling the natural flow of thermal energy from hot to cold. For new home installations, several different kinds of insulation may be used, including foam board and even spray foam. Proper installation is the key to its effectiveness.
  • The Key to Energy Efficiency. Yes, you can choose the most expensive air conditioner or heater on the market, and such systems provide amazing performance and energy efficiency. But it’s all for naught without adequate home insulation. If your home cannot control the flow of thermal energy, then your cool air will be spoiled in the summer, and your heated air will go straight through the walls in the winter. The result will be that your HVAC system has to work harder for less comfort, and your energy bills will be much higher than they should be. The first step to comfort as well as energy efficiency is ensuring that your living space has adequate insulation.
  • Year-round Thermal Control. While some think of insulation as principally concerned with keeping your home warm, it’s important to realize that it’s essential year-round. You can’t have a cool home without adequate insulation. As a thermal barrier, it prevents the outdoor heat from getting into the home as much as it prevents heat from leaving the home during the winter.

If you think that your home needs new or replacement insulation, then just contact the insulation experts at Buehler Air today. 

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