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Could Your Ducts Be in Trouble? How Leaks Affect Your Air and Heat

Your home’s air ducts have a simple job: to serve as the pathway that goes between your heating and air conditioning systems and the individual rooms of your home. But this simple job becomes a lot more difficult when there holes and cracks in the ductwork that allow air to leak out. As long as a duct has not collapsed, however, air should be able to make it to the vents. Continue reading “Could Your Ducts Be in Trouble? How Leaks Affect Your Air and Heat”

Why Won’t My HVAC System Stop Running?

A key feature of a whole-home heating and air conditioning system is that it runs in cycles. In general, the heating and cooling systems should only have to run when the temperatures go beyond the setting on the thermostat. The blower unit kicks in to bring you back to your desired temperature, and then it shuts off once it reaches an ideal range. If your HVAC system won’t stop running, this indicates some sort of issue. But what could it be? Continue reading “Why Won’t My HVAC System Stop Running?”

You May Need Your Heater When You Least Expect It!

Don’t forget to schedule a heating maintenance visit with a trained professional this fall! Temperatures can drop when you least expect them to, and you don’t want to be without a functional heating system when you really need it. Call your local air conditioning and heating specialists today to see about having your heating and air conditioning systems tuned up for the fall. Continue reading “You May Need Your Heater When You Least Expect It!”

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