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Why you should have an Air Purifier in your Home

When it comes to our homes and indoor air quality, we will do whatever it takes to have a sense of comfort in it. Whether that is the furniture we have, the color of the paint on the walls, even down to the temperature we keep our house. But one thing that often overlooked is the state of the home’s atmosphere, or rather, the purity of the air in the house. Well here are some reasons as to why you should stop overlooking this, and consider getting an air purifier for your home.

Debris and Dander

Home interior climate controlThe first thing to take into consideration is the fact that your household air is isolated, in that the air you are breathing today may be the same as a month ago. Now, as is the case with all home air conditioning units, there is an air filter already in place. This is not the most complex piece of equipment, as it usually takes the form of a very original filter. It can isolate the larger debris that would otherwise make their way through your system, but it does not stop the smaller stuff. This means all of the dust, dirt, and dander that you, or a pet, bring in or shed off will stay in your house’s air, ready to be inhaled at a later date. The air purifier will help filter and clean your air in a way your traditional filter just cannot.


Just as I stated about debris in the home air, the same said about the germs living in your air. This holds especially true if you have someone sick in your house. The germs, bacteria, etc. that they have infecting them will not properly filter out of your breathing air. This means you will be sharing contaminated air with them.


Woman hit with bad smellThe smell of your house directly relates to the microbes floating around it. If your garbage can have something in it that stinks, sooner or later, your entire home will start to smell as well. This also holds true with the age of the air in the house. As most of us have experienced being in an enclosure with old, stale air. The purifier can help remove these unwanted odors from the home environment, making for a more comfortable environment.

Buehler Air

Buehler Air offers a wide selection of maintenance programs and tune-up services for people who want to ensure their AC runs for years to come. If you would like to learn more about our services, time as a company, or how we can help you, then give us a call today! We would love to hear from you!

When it comes to AC Repair Jacksonville FL, Buehler Air has you covered.




Jacksonville Air Quality

How is the Air Quality in Jacksonville?

jacksonville air qualityThe air quality in Jacksonville is below the national average. On a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being the best, Jacksonville ranks 54.2 while the national average is 58.4

Additionally, on the same scale of 1 to 100, Jacksonville landed a 48.6 on chances of getting cancer and a 59.8 of receiving a respiratory disease.

There is a serious problem with living in coastal cities and not looking out for your air quality. It is incredibly easy to pick up foreign particles from the air due to old buildings, proximity to the ocean, and bad habits from homeowners.

So here are the common problems that occur in the air in Jacksonville.

Common Problems with the air in Jacksonville


air quality in jacksonville With a rapid loss of bees in the population and the close distance to much of Florida’s farmland, there is a higher output of pollen than in most of the mainland United States.


Besides pollen, the metropolitan area has a surplus of the materials and molecules that can cause allergic reactions in its residents.

Debris, Dust, Fungal Spores

jacksonville air purityFinally, debris, dust, and fungal spores. Most of the buildings in Jacksonville go through renovations and constantly updated from the old days. With that, there is often a lot of these materials being thrown around the city and without the proper filters, going straight into your respiratory system.

Buehler Air

Buehler Air proudly resides in Jacksonville and services the entire metropolitan area. We have worked for years and found numerous problems that can become avoided if properly addressed. There’s no reason why our air quality should be that low, and the risk of respiratory infections be that high. If you are concerned about your air quality and invested in your future, call us today and have us inspect your home to ensure you are doing everything you can to stay safe and healthy.

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