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Are You Ready to Replace Your AC?

It can be a tough decision to make, but upgrading your air conditioner allows you the option of finding something that keeps you cooler for longer with fewer problems. Below, we’ve got some advice for deciding whether it’s really time to part with your old AC. Then, we’ll help you find the right AC replacement system for your home! Continue reading “Are You Ready to Replace Your AC?”

When Temperatures Drop, It’s a Great Time to Replace Your AC!

Outdoor temperatures have started to fall, so you don’t need to run your air conditioning system very often, if at all. This is the perfect opportunity to replace an outdated air conditioner. Air conditioning systems that are ten years old or older are more likely to fail when you really need them, so don’t wait until your system has broken down completely. Upgrade today when the weather is cool, and get better efficiency and performance from your new unit! Continue reading “When Temperatures Drop, It’s a Great Time to Replace Your AC!”

Invest in a Variable Speed System for AC Replacement

Are you looking to replace your older air conditioning equipment this year? Your options for air conditioning installation have broadened in the last couple of decades, and AC systems are far more efficient than they once were. We’d like to help you pick the most energy efficient, high-performance system for your home by recommending a high-efficiency variable speed air conditioning system for your next replacement. Continue reading “Invest in a Variable Speed System for AC Replacement”

Why Jacksonville’s Weather Makes A/C Replacement More Desirable?

Why does Jacksonville’s unique weather make system replacement an even more desirable upgrade? What are some additional benefits of system upgrade?

The fluctuation in overall temperature here in Jacksonville can differ by as much as 50 degrees in a twenty-four hour period.  One day it can be 90 degrees and the next day it can drop to forty degrees. Unless you are a techie, you would not likely ponder the effect that such statistics have on your cooling system. An older system has a far simpler array of “bells and whistles” than today’s standard equipment even. Most people don’t understand that the new air handlers and outdoor units communicate with each other like desktop computer systems now. This makes for a nice assortment of possibilities in terms of dealing with temperature fluctuations. The transitions are seamless and take the guesswork out of whether or not you are prepared to run the heat with no notice after needing the air conditioning the previous day.

The onboard tools and computer boards that the new systems utilize takes Jacksonville’s crazy weather out of mind and makes your home feel like a place of comfort, health and peace. Once you upgrade your system then it is always good to consider air purifiers and humidifiers. Protect your lungs and breathe easier while keeping your beautiful hardwood furniture and flooring protected against cracking, splitting, and crumbling.

The temperature drops can also encourage mildew and dampness in many different areas of your home. New heating and air conditioning system replacement with a variable speed high efficiency system greatly assists in balancing humidity levels even without humidifiers installed in the ductwork.

The new air handling units can efficiently move far more air at far faster rates than your old system could even dream of. The extra air has positive benefits on your electronics also. If your vents are above your gaming units and televisions then you can expect them to be cooled much better when the indoor fan is at full speed.

Duval County is known for some scorching hot summers. There are many other companies in Jacksonville who claim to be the best. As a consumer, I also look for integrity when I search for people to perform any professional task for me. Value? Sure. But I am always willing to pay more money for a quality performance in all areas of business. I feel good about paying money to companies like Buehler Air for top quality heating and cooling services. Jason Buehler keeps his employees just as happy as his customers. That is quite factually a rarity in the industry. Few companies can honestly make such a bold statement.

A company who is endorsed and listed by Carrier as a distributer is yet another sure sign that you are making an informed decision on a major upgrade for your home. Do your own research. But make sure you are receiving genuine information about the company you do business with.


3 Reasons Your AC Bills Are Too High

During the summer, energy bills can skyrocket. Any homeowner would lower their bills if they could, but many do not know what steps to take to do so. Here are 3 reasons your air conditioning system may be running inefficiently and what you can do to resolve the problem. Continue reading “3 Reasons Your AC Bills Are Too High”

What Makes a Heat Pump a Great AC Replacement?

Finding a new air conditioning system to replace your broken down unit can prove to be a stressful experience. If you are not sure of what exactly you need, shopping around can be difficult. At Buehler Air, we always recommend you seek the services of an HVAC professional before choosing a new unit, but in this guide we’d like to help you narrow it down. A heat pump is an efficient, convenient, and durable air conditioning replacement that can serve your needs year round with efficient cooling and heating capabilities. Continue reading “What Makes a Heat Pump a Great AC Replacement?”

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