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Schedule AC Repair as Soon as You Notice a Problem

Though our weather has been relatively mild lately, soon enough spring with bring warmer weather upon us. When it does, you won’t want to be facing a malfunctioning air conditioner. This is why it’s vital to take care of AC repairs as soon as you notice a problem. Delaying repairs typically only results in larger, more expensive repairs later. Or, if you are really unfortunate, you could be facing a full system breakdown. Continue reading “Schedule AC Repair as Soon as You Notice a Problem”

Warm Air from the Vents: What’s Wrong with My AC?

You turn on your air conditioner and hear the fan running, but only warm or hot air blows out. This is a frustrating experience on a hot day, especially if you are too busy to get someone out to your home right away. While most repairs will require the help of a professional, there are a couple of things you can try on your own. Here are the steps you should take if you experience this irritating issue in your home. Continue reading “Warm Air from the Vents: What’s Wrong with My AC?”

Why Is My Air Conditioner Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

It’s usually pretty simple to reset a tripped circuit breaker. All you have to do is find the breaker in the panel responsible for that area of the home, turn off the switch, and turn it back on again. If your air conditioner is tripping the circuit breaker, however, constantly resetting it is not the way to go. You have to figure out the source of the electrical trouble so that you can make repairs and keep the system from wearing down. Continue reading “Why Is My Air Conditioner Tripping the Circuit Breaker?”

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

When water leaks from an air conditioning system, it can be rather alarming. As water pools on your floor, your main concern is solving the problem quickly. But you may also be a little confused. What caused the problem in the first place? Why would an air conditioner have water in it? And can you fix the issue on your own? We’ve got answers to these questions and more in today’s short guide. Continue reading “Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?”

AC FAQ: What Is the Condenser Unit?

You’ve certainly seen and heard the condenser unit of your central air conditioning system before. You can’t miss it; it’s that large part of the AC system positioned outdoors that makes a pretty noticeable humming sound with every run cycle. Have you ever wondered what this unit does for the cooling process? We give some information about the refrigeration process and the condenser unit below, as well as a brief guide on maintaining this part of your AC system. Continue reading “AC FAQ: What Is the Condenser Unit?”

Why Is My AC System Running All the Time?

The first thing we should mention is that your air conditioner is not designed to run at all times. In a system that is working properly, the air conditioning system starts up once the temperature in your home goes above the setting on the thermostat. As soon as the room reaches your desired temperature once more, the system should turn off. Continue reading “Why Is My AC System Running All the Time?”

Why Is My Thermostat Display Blank?

Your thermostat is essentially the brain of your air conditioner. It sends a signal to the air conditioner as soon as temperatures elevate above what you need and forces the AC to shut back off again once everything returns to normal. Of course, if the thermostat is not working, you won’t be able to use your air conditioner at all, and this is the reason for many of the frantic emergency AC repair calls we receive. Continue reading “Why Is My Thermostat Display Blank?”

3 Common Habits that Can Lead to Costly AC Repairs

When you have to call a technician for air conditioning repair, it can seem like quite an inconvenience. But what’s even more annoying is finding out that the issue may have been preventable. Any of the following habits can actually make AC issues more likely, so read on to find out how you can keep large costly AC repairs at bay. Continue reading “3 Common Habits that Can Lead to Costly AC Repairs”

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making that Noise?

By now, you’re used to the hum from the outside portion of your air conditioner and the whir of the indoor fan as the AC kicks on for another cycle. So when your air conditioner makes a noise that differs from the norm, it can be alarming—and rightfully so. Don’t pass off a strange air conditioning noise as a normal part of operation, and don’t wait for repairs. Call a technician at the first troubling sound you hear. Continue reading “Why Is My Air Conditioner Making that Noise?”

3 Signs that You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Jacksonville, FL, residents know how hot and humid life can get in the summer time. The last thing you need is a serious repair bill just when temperatures are soaring. The sooner you can spot a problem with your system, the faster a technician can get in to correct the problem. Now is the best time to schedule those repairs before summer forces you to work around the high heat. But how can you tell if your system is having troubles? Here are 3 signs that you need air conditioning repair: Continue reading “3 Signs that You Need Air Conditioning Repair”

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