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Protect Your AC from the Salty Air

It’s a common contributor to the early decline of air conditioning systems and their components that few people think about. The salty sea air in a coastal area can cause an air conditioning system to wear down quickly. You might think that your air conditioning system is safe as the outer casing is sturdy, but even newer systems can be susceptible to this issue. Continue reading “Protect Your AC from the Salty Air”

It’s Not Summer Yet But You Shouldn’t Wait for AC Service

One of the key reasons for summer air conditioning system breakdowns has to do with a lack of preparation earlier on in the season. We know that it’s tough to think about your air conditioner when it’s nice enough outside to open up some windows and let in the fresh air, but making air conditioning service a priority early in the year can save you a lot of hassle and money later on. Continue reading “It’s Not Summer Yet But You Shouldn’t Wait for AC Service”

AC FAQ: What Is the Condenser Unit?

You’ve certainly seen and heard the condenser unit of your central air conditioning system before. You can’t miss it; it’s that large part of the AC system positioned outdoors that makes a pretty noticeable humming sound with every run cycle. Have you ever wondered what this unit does for the cooling process? We give some information about the refrigeration process and the condenser unit below, as well as a brief guide on maintaining this part of your AC system. Continue reading “AC FAQ: What Is the Condenser Unit?”

A Guide to Keeping Your Air Conditioner Clean

It’s easy to miss the hidden portions of your home during a routine cleaning, but there’s usually a way to get it done. You may need to grab a stepladder to reach the top of the bookshelf or pull out the vacuum hose to get behind the clothes washing machine. But there’s one part of your home that may require a particular expertise to clean properly: the air conditioner. Continue reading “A Guide to Keeping Your Air Conditioner Clean”

Have You Scheduled an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit Yet?

Most people don’t call a technician for air conditioning services until they notice a problem with their systems. But there could be hidden issues lurking in their air conditioners long before they finally make the call. Even the smallest of internal AC troubles can lead to increased bills and can slowly wear down other components. How can someone tell for sure? By scheduling an annual AC maintenance visit! Continue reading “Have You Scheduled an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit Yet?”

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making that Noise?

By now, you’re used to the hum from the outside portion of your air conditioner and the whir of the indoor fan as the AC kicks on for another cycle. So when your air conditioner makes a noise that differs from the norm, it can be alarming—and rightfully so. Don’t pass off a strange air conditioning noise as a normal part of operation, and don’t wait for repairs. Call a technician at the first troubling sound you hear. Continue reading “Why Is My Air Conditioner Making that Noise?”

3 Reasons Your AC Bills Are Too High

During the summer, energy bills can skyrocket. Any homeowner would lower their bills if they could, but many do not know what steps to take to do so. Here are 3 reasons your air conditioning system may be running inefficiently and what you can do to resolve the problem. Continue reading “3 Reasons Your AC Bills Are Too High”

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