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5 Energy-Saving Tips for a Hot, Hot Summer in Florida

Every year during the summer, air conditioning bills skyrocket without the proper preparation. Not only is being energy efficient a great way to lessen your carbon footprint on the atmosphere, but it goes hand in hand with lowering costs. With the consistent humidity in the air, keeping your air conditioner isn’t an option. There are a few easy ways to preserve energy and money.

Here are five tips to keep in mind during those summer months:

  1. Schedule Routine Maintenance – With the proper upkeep plan in place, you won’t need to wait around for something to break down and potentially be more costly than regular maintenance. Prevention is much more effective than a reaction to an already malfunctioning unit.
  2. Check Your Ducts – First, make sure that dust isn’t accumulating or possibly obstructing the flow of air into your living space. If your current ductwork is a bit outdated, it may be leaking air and costing a fortune. Consider applying new sealant and proper insulation as a precaution.
  3. Raise Your Temperature – When you’re away, you don’t need to keep your air conditioner at the same temperature that you enjoy when you’re home. Even an adjustment as small as 2 or 3 degrees warmer can save homeowners a noticeable amount of money on their bills.
  4. Mini-Split Systems – If you already have HVAC systems that work flawlessly for your home, then more power to you! However, these ductless units allow users to manage the temperature in different rooms. Having the ability to handle the heat is made simply with these structures.
  5. Thermostat Advantage – Installing a smart thermostat will give you complete control – home or not – of your AC system. With voice-activated systems becoming more advanced every day, it can be as simple as asking Alexa to cool or warm the room your home.

Buehler Air

Our team knows how detrimental it can be to balance the use of your air conditioning units with lowering the cost of your bills. Homeowners can help themselves with a few tips, and for extensive maintenance, a professional is the best route to take. Lucky for our customers, Buehler Air has a maintenance program set in place to inspect, test, and clean multiple parts of units. This program has helped save plenty of clients from shelling out more money for their AC systems; please give us a call today to get started!

Maintaining a Healthy Air Conditioning Unit

With Spring beginning and Summer fast approaching, that means we will be facing some extra hot days ahead. And it is during this time that many a person’s air-conditioner decides to take a nose dive, and stop working. That is apparently because of the added stress the unit is being put through, as it battles the elements to keep you cool and happy. That being said, all is not lost, as you can help ensure your unit does not stop working. Here are some AC maintenance tips to help you keep your unit running happy and healthy.

Outdoor a/c unit

Clean and replace filters

It is pretty obvious, but you need to make sure you keep up with cleaning and replacing your air filters. You should clean or replace your furnace or air-handler filters twice a year or whenever they begin to look clogged with dust. If you do not, air flow will be restricted, reducing efficiency, and you will recirculate dirt into your home.

Clean the Coils

The coils to your A/C are usually located in the main unit outside. This means that they are susceptible to the elements, and all of the rigors that come with them. Your coils should be cleaned around once to twice a year. We would recommend that you call an air-conditioning specialist to come out and clean it, as it involves removing protective parts from the unit.

Clear out Debris

Just as stated, the unit is usually located outdoors; this means loose debris can collect around it. Scoop leaves and debris out of the base of the condenser and, if it has a drain, ensure that the drain is clear. Clean the fan blades with a vacuum and rag. And make sure to cut away and remove any weeds or vines that may obstruct airflow through the condenser unit.

Check the Coolant Lines

A/C technician working on unitMake sure the lines and tubes used are in good shape and have any replaced that look worn out. Also, insulate any tubes in foam sleeves that are in need of it.

Test It

Allow the unit to dry thoroughly and then turn the power to the condenser back on by doing the following: First, turn the thermostat in your home to OFF. Then turn on the power at both the disconnect box and at the main panel. Last, switch the thermostat to COOL.

When it comes to AC Repair Jacksonville FL, Buehler Air has you covered.

Air Conditioning Maintenance 101!

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

air conditioner maintenance Your Air Conditioner is one of the most important machines in your household. Like all great machines, they will require care and maintenance to keep doing what they do best.

When it comes to us, our process is simple.

We Get The Call – Once you call us, you will speak to one of our representatives. From here they will dispatch one of our expertly trained inspectors to arrive at your house.

Our Inspector Arrives – Once the inspector arrives, they will do a default consultation. They will talk you through all the procedures they’re taking to make sure you are getting the service you need.

The Work is Done – From there, we begin working on the Air conditioning unit. We test all of the typical problems that plague a system such as tripped power breaker, frozen coils, and backed up lines. Beyond that, we then make check all of the at-risk parts to ensure they are not on the verge of breaking down.

Finish up – From this point on, our inspector will part ways and give you our card. If you would like to schedule regular maintenance, we can meet every six months to a year, and we also offer comprehensive services.

Air conditioning Maintenance Checklist

maintaining your air conditionerFor the DIY in you, if you feel like you want to perform air conditioning maintenance on your own, this checklist is for you!

o Thermostat Settings are Working

o All Electrical Connections are Tightened

o Lubricate the Moving Parts

o Inspect The Drain

o Check the System Control

o Clean the Evaporator and Conditioning Coils

air conditioner in floridao Check the Refrigerant

o Adjust the Blower Components

o Check the Connections

Always Remember: Inspect, Clean and Change the Air Filters!

Buehler Air

If any of that checklist above seemed confusing or you don’t know if you feel comfortable doing certain components of the list, don’t worry. In addition, we offer the best air conditioning maintenance services in town.

If you would like to learn more about our company or our services, please feel free to give us a call. Therefore, we are always ready and willing to help out our neighbors here in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas!

Change Your AC Air Filter for More than Your Health

We know that seasonal allergies don’t affect everyone in our service area. So if you’re not spending your time indoors sneezing, you may not think that you need to change the air filter so frequently. But the fact of the matter remains: it’s so important to change the filter once a month or so, regardless of your air quality. Continue reading “Change Your AC Air Filter for More than Your Health”

4 Ways Professional AC Maintenance Helps You Save

Professional air conditioning maintenance is a service too few homeowners take advantage of. Most technicians offer this money-saving service, and many also offer maintenance plans that provide discounts and additional benefits. So why haven’t you signed up? Check out the ways you can save! Continue reading “4 Ways Professional AC Maintenance Helps You Save”

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Save on Cooling and Heating Costs

One of the biggest obstacles to saving on monthly bills is your heating and cooling system. Air conditioning costs account for a high percentage of your energy bills, and it’s just one more thing that makes it difficult to achieve a New Year’s resolution of saving money in 2016. We’ve got a few tips that might make it easier, and we’re always around to give helpful advice. Take a look! Continue reading “Make a New Year’s Resolution to Save on Cooling and Heating Costs”

Why Bi-Annual AC Maintenance in Ponte Vedra Is Important

As many people in our area know, winter in Ponte Vedra is really more a break from the humidity than an actual winter season. This break provides a few months of cooler temperatures, but it also provides you the opportunity to schedule one of the two recommended AC maintenance appointments for your Ponte Vedra home. The ideal times for AC maintenance are fall and spring, but the main goal is to have your system maintained every six months, no matter what the season. Why is bi-annual maintenance important? There are a few reasons, but the one of the biggest reasons is humidity.

Effects on Your AC

You know how humidity feels on your skin: oppressive, hot and sticky; this isn’t any different for your air conditioner. But your air conditioner is a mechanical device, and as such, humidity can have a number of adverse effects on the system.

Excess Dirt and Dust

First, high levels of humidity attract dirt and dust, and the moisture allows these elements to cling. As such, your system can become very dirty, and components can become caked in a layer of dirt and dust that can inhibit their operation.

Mold Growth

Another problem that can often develop from excessive humidity is the development of mold. Mold needs moisture and dank conditions to grow, and several areas inside your system are ideal for mold growth, including both sets of coils and your ductwork. Mold growth can become invasive very quickly and can be a challenge to remove once it’s taken hold; with bi-annual maintenance appointments, your entire system is thoroughly inspected, so if mold has developed, it will caught before it can become a serious problem.

Extra Work

Lastly, heavy humidity forces your AC to work harder, even if you’ve kept your thermostat at the same temperature setting. This is because humidity holds heat, and the more humidity your AC has to remove to make it cool and dry in your home, the harder it works. Harder work means more wear and tear on your system, and the best way to remedy the effects of wear and tear is with consistent maintenance.

If it’s been more than 6 months since your last AC maintenance appointment in Ponte Vedra, call Buehler Air today and schedule an appointment!

Jacksonville AC Repair Guide: The Indoor and Outdoor Coils

Your air conditioner contains a few key features that must be in top shape in order to operate properly. And two of the most important of these are a set of coils on the inside of your air conditioning unit and on the outside unit. Refrigerant must repeatedly convert from a liquid to a gas and back again, and these coils are key figures in this task. Learn more about the vital role of these coils and what kinds of problems may occur with them in today’s guide.

Coils Play a Vital Role in the Refrigeration Process

Refrigerant is a chemical blend used in the refrigeration process for a couple of reasons, such as its relatively low environmental impact and safety risk and its ability to evaporate and condense easily. Refrigerant starts off outside at the compressor, where it is heated and put under very high pressure. Then, refrigerant gives off heat at the condenser coil, where it condenses and gives off heat to the surrounding environment, thanks in part to a large outdoor fan. It then moves inside, where it loses some pressure at the expansion valve and cools off. At the indoor evaporator coil, it evaporates into a gas and absorbs heat to start the process all over again.

Are Your Coils Responsible for Your AC Trouble?

Because the coils are so important in the refrigeration process, they can hinder your AC’s ability to cool your home if they are at all compromised. One of the ways this can happen is if they are dirty. Refrigerant cannot efficiently do its job if the coils are dirty, and the entire system struggles to get your home to the right temperature as a result. We recommend yearly professional maintenance to clean and inspect the coils and prevent this common problem.

Another potential issue is if the indoor evaporator coil freezes. A coil can freeze for a variety of different reasons, including a clogged filter, a slow fan, or low refrigerant. What’s important to note is that it’s not enough to simply scrape off the ice. This can severely damage the evaporator coil and can harm the air handler if ice melts and leaks into the unit. Finding the source of the trouble is the best way to correct this issue.

Call the highly-trained professionals at Buehler Air for quality AC repair in Jacksonville.

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