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Jacksonville, FL Duct Sealing by Buehler Air

Whether your whole house heating and cooling has become inefficient over time, or you suspect that your air ducts are no longer working as they should, then just let us know. You might be surprised to learn that even small holes and loose connections can contribute to a serious loss of airflow within your HVAC system. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace them entirely to restore effectiveness and efficiency to your central air unit/furnace combo or heat pump. We offer exceptional duct sealing services throughout the area. We can make sure that your ducts are properly handled.

At Buehler Air, we take pride in our ability to take care of problems with your entire HVAC system, from maintaining the system components when they need a seasonal tune–up and repairing that system when it’s broken to inspecting and solving duct issues. Our duct sealing is a cost–effective service that can restore your HVAC system. Considering just how much energy is lost in ductwork every year, it’s imperative that you consider having your ducts sealed at some point. Reach out to our friendly technicians today if you’re at all concerned about your air ducts.

Buehler Air provides duct sealing services in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas.

Signs that You Need Duct Sealing

It can be difficult to figure out what might be wrong with your ductwork without professional diagnostic equipment. After all, your air ducts are located behind walls and ceilings. With the exception of your basement and/or attic as well as the duct grates within your living space, you hardly know what’s going on with the condition of your air ducts. Unfortunately, that means that you may have airflow leaks that are getting between you and your comfort.

You’d be surprised at what even a relatively small leak can do to your airflow. Your ductwork is intended to work as a closed system so that your indoor air is pulled through the air handler, heated or cooled according to your temperature requirements, and then returned. While you can expect a nominal amount of energy loss, excessive energy loss can often be accounted for by small holes, cracks and loose connections.

Our Professional Duct Sealing Services

Fortunately, you don’t have to endure high energy bills when you hire our team for your duct sealing service. We can make sure that your system is thoroughly taken care of using only professional methods and techniques, such as mastic sealing. This will take care of such problems for the foreseeable future so that you can get back to heating and cooling your home.

With our duct sealing service, you can count on an immediate improvement to your home’s energy efficiency, particularly during peak usage times, such as the dog days of summer. Not only will your system use less energy as it no longer has to compete with air leaking into unoccupied spaces of your home, but you will also undoubtedly improve your comfort. Your heating and cooling will be more evenly distributed throughout the home, and your living space will come to temperature quickly. Call us today to schedule duct sealing service.

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