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Considering how hot it is around here for much of the year, it is unsurprising that so many people seal up their doors and windows, opting to run their air conditioning systems in an effort to stay cool and comfortable. This can be problematic, though, as this can allow airborne pollutants to build up within the home. If you want to enjoy true comfort, your indoor air quality really needs to be protected. With the right air purifier in Jacksonville, FL, it can be. Call the experts at Buehler Air today to learn more. We’ll figure out what is wrong with your indoor air quality, and we will help you to find the best air purifier for your particular needs.

Buehler Air provides air purifiers and air purifier services in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas.

Signs That You Need an Air Purifier

Before we can go about installing the best air purifier with which to clean up the air in your home, of course, you must first recognize the fact that your indoor air quality is in jeopardy. This means that you must take heed of the signs and symptoms suggesting that your air quality is not all that it could be. Here are a few such indicators which will tip you off to the fact that you need help in improving the quality of the air throughout your home.

One sign that your air quality is in trouble is an increase of airborne pollutants throughout the house. If you find that you see more and more particles floating through the air, or if surfaces in your home seem dingier and dirtier than normal, an air purifier in Jacksonville, FL may be just what you need. Additionally, you may also find that your allergy symptoms worsen, or that residents in your home are suffering from aggravated asthma symptoms. Contact us if you have any reason at all to suspect that you need an air purifier to improve your living situation.

Choosing the Best Air Purifier For Your Home

There is no such thing as any one “best” air purifier, but there are makes and models which will be suit your home, your needs, and your HVAC system. In order to ensure that you are using the ideal air purifier(s), you need to work with a skilled, trained professional. When it comes to air purifiers in Jacksonville, FL, ours is the number to dial.

In some cases, all that may be needed to boost indoor air quality to a higher level is a more efficient mechanical air filter. The one installed in your HVAC system is intended to protect that equipment from pollutants, not so much to clean up the air that you breathe. Integrating a more efficient filter into the system may resolve your problems.

In other instances, an electronic air cleaner may be necessary. Such equipment ionizes pollutants in the air, and they are then trapped on a collector plate or adhere to surfaces in the home. Either way, they are removed from circulation throughout your living quarters.

Finally, biological pollutants such as viruses, mold, and bacteria may require that you use a UV air purifier in order to destroy the threat. These devices emit small, safe amounts of ultraviolet radiation. Whichever air purifier you need, it is vital that such equipment is professionally installed and services. That is why you should work with the Jacksonville, FL air purifier pros at Buehler Air.

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