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If you’re finally sick and tired of high energy bills, a zone control system is a great alternative and less expensive option. While whole house HVAC systems do a fantastic job with keeping homeowners comfortable throughout the summer, over time they become costly. Most homeowners are looking for any ways they can cut their bills in half without having to make substantial sacrifices.

You can do just that with a zone control system. Zone heating allows you to divide your home into specific zones that can be controlled accordingly. Buehler Air wants to provide a solution for customers to have less expensive bills, and low energy consumption by connecting a zone control system.

What is Zone Heating?

Although the functions of the system are all in the name, a zone control system allows homeowners to change the temperature of a particular area without affecting another one. The installation process includes electrically controlled dampers that give multiple thermostats, or one primary, the capability to manage the airflow to that specific zone. The method also involves some modifications for the air handlers and the number and arrangement of zones depending on the size of the house and your heating and cooling preferences.

Benefits of a Zone Control System

Hiring a professional company that knows all the advantages of zone heating is the most qualified personnel to install the system in your home. If you’re looking to cut your energy consumption in half, a zone control system is a way to go.

The smallest changes in temperature can add up to significant savings long-term. Changes such as turning up the temperature downstairs while you sleep upstairs will save money over a period. If you have some family members that stay cooler than others, you won’t have to worry about setting your entire home to one temperature; it can be done according to each person in that particular zone.

For Zone Control System Installation in Jacksonville, Florida

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