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Heat Pumps & Heat Pump Services in Jacksonville, FL

Although it may not seem like having a heat pump would be useful in the Sunshine State, we occasionally have days in the winter that are at substantially low temperatures. Having one system that can double as an air conditioner and a heater is all you need inside your home. We are going to ensure that your system is functioning all the time appropriately by utilizing our expertise and gained knowledge.

What Goes into a Heat Pump?

The main feature of a heat pump is to transfer the heat from outside your home into the interior of the house. This way, the home is consistently transferring heat as opposed to generating it. When the heat pump is set to its heating mode, the main component that comes into play is a reversing valve. Like in the name, it reverses the refrigerant flow direction to transfer the heat inside instead of outside. The opposite effect occurs when it works as an air conditioner.

The Importance of Professional Heat Pump Installation

Unless you’re quite the handyman, having a professional assist you in installing a heat pump into your home is the route to take. Calling a technician from the start of the process will ensure that you don’t experience a faulty or broken-down pump in the middle of July in the blazing heat.

Heat Pump Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Our services on heat pumps stretch farther than installation. We also repair, replace, and maintain them, so we’re updated with the ins and outs of each unit we place into homes. We offer a routine heat pump maintenance service that is the best way to keep your pump in the best possible condition.

If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns, please give us a call! Our customer service is outstanding, and our technicians are extremely friendly and love answering questions from our customers. Buehler Air will offer inspections that can regularly be scheduled so that dirt, and other problems are not hindering the performance of your system.

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