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Ductless Heating Services in Jacksonville, FL

Despite our mild winters here in Jacksonville, FL, residents know how important energy efficiency is, not only to reduce our use of fossil fuels, but also to lower our monthly energy bills. While your cooling bill is probably larger than your heating bill, seeking out energy efficient solutions is never a bad idea. We offer comprehensive ductless heating services throughout the area, whether you want this energy–saving technology installed in your home, or your existing system needs to be serviced. A ductless heater, or ductless mini split as it is often called, is a great way to balance comfort with your budget.

When it comes to exceptional HVAC services in the greater Jacksonville, FL, you know you can rely on our team every time. No matter whether your ductless mini split needs a minor repair outside normal business hours, or you need an extensive ductless heating system for your new home construction project, we will make sure that the job is completed carefully and properly at all times. Our NATE–certified technicians are available to take care of your home, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today with all of your needs.

Buehler Air offers quality ductless heating in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas.

What is Ductless Heating?

A ductless heating system is also a ductless cooling system. This type of system is much like a conventional heat pump in that it circulates refrigerant in order to absorb and dissipate thermal energy: from indoors to outdoors during the summer; from outdoors to indoors during the winter. As its name suggests, it avoids the use of ductwork entirely. Instead of one large indoor air handler, it uses multiple compact air handlers that are installed directly within the living space. These small flat boxes sit directly on the wall or the ceiling and connect to one or more outdoor units by means of a group of refrigerant, drainage and electrical lines. In all other respects, ductless heating works much like a conventional heating system.

The Importance of Ductless Heating Installation

If you’re interested in ductless heating, it’s incredibly important that you hire a professional from the start. Only a pro can advise you on the selection of your system as well as its careful installation in your home. Ductless heating offers numerous benefits—such as improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency—but they are contingent upon the quality of the installation. We can advise you as to how many indoor units you may need to ensure that your home remains comfortable throughout the winter.

Troubleshooting Your Ductless Heating System

While ductless mini splits are well known for their durability and for their excellent longevity, all HVAC systems encounter problems from time to time. If you find that your ductless heating system is not working properly, then it may be time to hire a professional. We can provide ductless heating repair services for your home so that your system is restored. Moreover, we can also provide routine ductless heating maintenance services so that you can take full advantage of this technology. Call Buehler Air today for service.

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