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Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing?

As is the case with Florida in the summer, the heat and humidity of the environment are extreme. With this, the most important thing, next to the electricity powering your home, will be your A/C unit, as anyone knows what a house is like without one running. But, you may notice that when the weather is at its worst is when your unit will give out on you, and freezes up. There are several reasons as to why this is happening, and we would like to go through a couple of reasons as to why.

Low Refrigerant

If you’re A/C system is not functioning correctly, it may affect the refrigerant chlorodifluoromethane or R22, and how it behaves within the system. If the pressure in your system changes, then this could cause the R22 to behave differently. As the house’s moist air makes its way over the evaporator, the air’s moisture will condense and freeze on the system’s coils, and ice will form. This ice will act as an insulator and cause the coils to freeze, and not function. To fix this, you should contact Airsource America so a professional can come out and make the proper repairs.

Poor Airflow

Overused, or clogged up air filters will prevent air from making its way correctly through your unit. This reduction of airflow will lead to your group having to work harder than usual to complete the cooling you want it to. This prevents the right amount of warm air from making its way over your system, and will not be able to stop the condensation forming on the coils from turning to ice.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils can cause freezing due to the layer of dirt on top of the coils preventing them from absorbing the water fast enough. Bi-annual checkups from your local HVAC professional can keep your A/C’s coils clean.

DamagedBlower Fan

As the internal air cools, it becomes denser and does not travel as quickly. The blower fan helps move cold air by transporting hot air out of your home, which the denser cold air moves to replace. Sometimes your blower fan can break, or become damaged during normal operation. When your blower fan is not functioning correctly, that will lead to a significant change in the airflow inside of your air handler. Too much condensation will build up on the coils, and the water droplets will not evaporate or drain properly. Without the hot air moving over the proper parts, a broken blower fan can also cause a refrigerant line to freeze too.

Natural Ways to Lower Humidity in Your Home

During the summer, we can often find that even though we are in our house, and the A/C is going, that still does not feel quite right. Be it heat permeating the walls or roof, excess U/V rays slipping their way through your windows, or other unforeseeable occurrences, but the feel of your residence is still humid. Now, it may seem like there is nothing you can do to stop this from happening, nothing could be farther from the truth; Buehler Air has found a couple of useful tips to help correct this irritating inconvenience and some natural ways to lower humidity in your home.

4 Tips to Help

Shorten Your Showers

Now, we all understand the feeling taking a nice warm, or even hot shower at the end of a long day; it feels like you want to stay in there for as long as you can. That said, this may be a mistake, and it may be adding to your houses’ humidity level. These long showers will add to the moisture build up in your bathroom, and the adjacent rooms.

Cover Your House Plant’s Soil

Houseplants are a great way of improving the air quality of your home, but it can also lead to unnecessary household humidity. Use a layer of rocks to help keep the moisture in the soil. This will stop the moisture from leaving the soil and entering your home’s air.


Proper home ventilation will allow for a stream of new air to pass through your house, leading to the internal atmosphere of the house to be able to be moved around. Flat, stale air leads to more humidity. You may want to consider adding a fan that ducts to the outdoors in your kitchen and bathroom, or you can open the window when taking showers.

Bowls of Kitty Litter or Calcium Chloride

Placing bowls of kitty litter or calcium chloride around your home it can help to draw the moisture out of your home’s air and absorb it. If you decide to employ this method that you replace it every couple of weeks.

Contact Us Today!

Is the air conditioning system in your Jacksonville home or office damaged? Give us a call today at Buehler Air to get your AC repair. One of our experts will be available to speak. We will work with you round the clock to get your air conditioning system fixed. An amazing experience awaits you.

How Can I Improve my Indoor Air Quality?

When we think of air comfort in our Jacksonville FL house, we often jump to air temperature first, completely forgetting about disregarding another vital thing that drives people wanting to have indoor air quality. You have to imagine the buildup of old air circulating through your house, the old odors sitting in there, and other things that would make you want to where a biohazard suit before entering your home.

Let us give you some pointers and ways to help reduce the pollutants plaguing your home’s air quality.

Bringing Back the Quality

Incorporating Nature

Water drops on house plant

A great natural way to better circulate the air in your household is by allowing the natural world to help you with it. Potted plants are natural air filters, absorbing many of the pollutants found in a house. Another easy way of having nature integrated into your home is also quite simple, crack a window. Now, this may be tougher during the hotter times of the year, but try to take advantage when you can. Opening a window or two will help bring in new, fresh air and pull out some of the old. You will be surprised to feel how clean and crisp the air feels.

Routine Cleaning

This should go without saying, but routine cleaning will help alleviate the odor of your house’s interior. If this odor is left, it can severely reduce the comfort you will have in your home. Merely vacuuming the floor can help freshen the scent of your house, and make for a more livable interior. Another reason to clean is reducing the dust and dander present therein, as this material can lead to a severe allergic reaction and lead to the very air around you to cause you pain.

Woman hit with bad smell

A/C Unit Quality

The current state and quality of pieces incorporated in your a/c unit can have something to play in your indoor air quality. If they are not up to snuff, and not working correctly, then your unit cannot provide the best possible air. This can be as simple as changing out your air filter, or a more in-depth cleaning or replacement of parts.

When it comes to indoor air quality Jacksonville FL, Buehler Air has you covered.

Why is Replacing an Aging A/C System Always Considered The Best Home Upgrade To Perform First?

Why is replacing an aging a/c system always considered the best home upgrade choice to perform first?

This question is multi-faceted, but the following answers are easy to discern as truth when you look at them all as a whole. Technology is always exponentially improving. A fifteen or twenty year old heat pump system is guaranteed to drain the most power out of any of your outdated appliances by far.

Your heat pump system uses double the energy that your refrigerator (a large appliance which runs 24/7) uses. Your electric bill will be slashed by a solid thirty percent in most cases. Invest in a quality variable speed system that is 16 SEER or higher and you will see and feel very tangible changes in your overall comfort levels. Even in homes that host large families, the differences in comfort and energy savings are the two top reasons to upgrade your air conditioning system sooner rather than later.

Tax breaks are often offered to homeowners for investing in any new energy saving appliances. Here in Jacksonville, Florida it is always popular to keep cool and stay ahead of your homes’ preventative maintenance curve. Replacing your cooling system is a major investment. An investment which requires highly skilled technicians who understand and sympathize with their customers. Companies such as Buehler Air go above and beyond to provide top quality service and offer a rare 2 year labor warranty to accompany all parts warranties on new installations. Jason Buehler and his company provide serious value while adhering to highly stringent quality-based criteria that he sets for every one of the services that are performed by Buehler Air.

Retrofitting an existing system is not as difficult and time consuming as most home owners believe it to be. Many large system expansions can be done in a week or so. Smaller and mid-sized homes can often be completed in one full day. The tools used to calibrate these advanced systems are evolving right along with them. Full LED readouts relay vital statistics to the technician down to minute degrees of measurement for a multitude of tasks. Often eliminating time and money by integrating multiple tools into one unit.

For those of you with larger homes- The new technology that Carrier has developed is guaranteed to save you a bundle in the long term. Carrier GreenSpeed technology is at the forefront of a modern leading-edge movement that signals the integration of computers, smart homes and smart phones. The new line of high end thermostats are becoming trendier and possess internet connectivity. They can be controlled from your smart phone.

The ability now exists to balance and measure humidity, air purity levels, and overall comfort while controlling it all down to far smaller degrees of measurement then ever possible before at the residential level. This actually makes for a fun and interactive way for your family to be actively involved in the functions of your home.

If you are remodeling your home then be sure to upgrade your cooling system first. The energy savings will give you more money every month to put toward changing other aspects of your home atmosphere.


Why Insulation Matters

While we specialize in HVAC products and services, we want our customers to know that we can also take care of their insulation needs as well. Your heating and cooling system depends heavily upon the quality and integrity of your insulation. Old and improperly installed materials can lead to serious issues. Here’s why insulation matters.

  • How Insulation Works.  Insulation comes in a wide variety of materials, but it has long been a necessary part of even the most primitive shelters. The basic principle behind insulation in your home is the control of thermal energy. All substances (including air itself) can function as a thermal barrier, but certain materials work better than others. The most common type of insulation is batt insulation, which comes in rolls that are sized to fill in the gaps between ceiling and floor joists, as well as wall studs. Insulation works by controlling the natural flow of thermal energy from hot to cold. For new home installations, several different kinds of insulation may be used, including foam board and even spray foam. Proper installation is the key to its effectiveness.
  • The Key to Energy Efficiency. Yes, you can choose the most expensive air conditioner or heater on the market, and such systems provide amazing performance and energy efficiency. But it’s all for naught without adequate home insulation. If your home cannot control the flow of thermal energy, then your cool air will be spoiled in the summer, and your heated air will go straight through the walls in the winter. The result will be that your HVAC system has to work harder for less comfort, and your energy bills will be much higher than they should be. The first step to comfort as well as energy efficiency is ensuring that your living space has adequate insulation.
  • Year-round Thermal Control. While some think of insulation as principally concerned with keeping your home warm, it’s important to realize that it’s essential year-round. You can’t have a cool home without adequate insulation. As a thermal barrier, it prevents the outdoor heat from getting into the home as much as it prevents heat from leaving the home during the winter.

If you think that your home needs new or replacement insulation, then just contact the insulation experts at Buehler Air today. 

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