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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT can I expect from Buehler Air?

  1. Quality Workmanship
  2. Personal Customer Service
  3. Honest Work
  4. Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment


What options are available for air purification for my home?

  1. Air Filtration System
  2. UV Light to prevents mildew growth
  3. Air Sanifier – purifies the air as it comes into the home


Why is there a funny smell coming from my air conditioning system?

Maintenance is key to making your AC home comfort system last longer. If you are detecting an odor or smell from your AC unit, then please give an HVAC professional a call for routine maintenance.


My breaker keeps tripping. Is it an electrical issue or is it an air conditioning issue?

If the breaker trips immediately when the AC unit is plugged in, then call Buehler Air to check out what is going on with the air conditioning system. If the breaker only trips periodically, please call an electrician. That breaker could be wearing out.


Why is my AC system running all the time?

If your air conditioning or heating system is running all the time, round the clock, then it could be that it is not running at its peak efficiency. This could mean that you are paying a lot more for your electricity due to an inefficient AC unit. If you like, give us a call. Buehler Air will send a technician to check it out for you.


Do you think you should replace your ducts every 5–10 years? How long does your home’s ductwork really last?

It can range depending on if the ductwork is exposed to the elements or if rodents have gotten in there. The answer is in the best case scenario; if the ductwork has been properly installed, then it should last around 20 years.


Do I really need to get my ducts cleaned?

Surprisingly, the answer is no. In the South and Florida, the ducts are not made well enough to clean. In fact, it may be better to replace your ducts if they happen to be bad enough to need cleaning.


Does routine maintenance really prevent future problems on my system?

Maintenance is key to making anything last longer. It prevents little problems from becoming big problems. We have found that routine maintenance will make your Air Conditioning system to work better, more efficiently, as well as last longer.


Why is my air conditioning unit is blowing hot or warm air and making a loud noise outside?

First, check your breakers. This will probably be the easiest think to check and fix. Many things can cause your electrical system to trip. If the breaker is not tripped, go ahead and turn off the air conditioning unit. This will prevent further damage to the outside unit. After that, give us a call.


My inside unit is leaking water on the floor, what should I do first?

Turn off the AC unit, then go outside and clear the drain line. You can do this with a shop vac suctioning the PVC drain line where the drain terminates outside. Once it clears, you can turn the air conditioner back on. If that hasn’t fixed the leaky AC, give us a call.


My thermostat is blank, is there anything I can check?

The first thing you can do check if your breaker is tripped. The next thing is to clear the drain line out with a shop vac. If it is neither of these, give us a call.


My unit is frozen up, is there anything I can check?

The culprit is probably a dirty filter. Turn off the AC unit, replace the filter and see if the unit still freezes up.


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