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Buehler Air Blog : Archive for June, 2016

How to Get More Bang for Your Buck with an Air Conditioning Installation

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning system, you are probably hoping to get the best system you can—within a budget. Here’s what we think all homeowners should know before they start the process of finding a new central air conditioner for their homes. Continue reading “How to Get More Bang for Your Buck with an Air Conditioning Installation”

Protect Your AC from the Salty Air

It’s a common contributor to the early decline of air conditioning systems and their components that few people think about. The salty sea air in a coastal area can cause an air conditioning system to wear down quickly. You might think that your air conditioning system is safe as the outer casing is sturdy, but even newer systems can be susceptible to this issue. Continue reading “Protect Your AC from the Salty Air”

Upgrade Your Thermostat for Summer Savings

It can be tough to save money in the summertime, when your energy bills are their highest. In Florida, we use the air conditioner for much of the year, so scheduling maintenance and changing the filter are particularly important for the wellbeing and efficiency of your system—and many of us remember to take the time for these tasks. Continue reading “Upgrade Your Thermostat for Summer Savings”

We Support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Buehler Air is proud to support St. Baldrick’s Foundation and this great event coming to Jacksonville June 18, 2016. We want to spread the word on St. Baldrick’s work with childhood cancer and funding life-saving research. Read on to learn more! Continue reading “We Support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation”

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