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Buehler Air Blog : Archive for July, 2015

Why Are the Rooms in My Home Different Temperatures?

When you set the thermostat in your home to a particular temperature, the expectation is that the entire home will be cooled to this same setting. However, this isn’t always the case, especially in large homes with architectural features like large windows and vaulted ceilings, or in any home with multiple stories. Continue reading “Why Are the Rooms in My Home Different Temperatures?”

Why Coastal-Coated AC Equipment Is the Right Choice

If you live near the coast, your air conditioner is a lot more susceptible to damage from the surrounding air. Most homeowners don’t think about how the saltwater in the air can affect a system designed to be durable and reliable. But these conditions leave your air conditioner susceptible to corrosion, and the system might not last as long as it was designed to. Here’s why you should ask your technician about coastal coating for your next air conditioning installation. Continue reading “Why Coastal-Coated AC Equipment Is the Right Choice”

Professional Duct Cleaning: A Waste of Your Money?

One of the key services offered by many HVAC professionals (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is a routine air duct cleaning. Duct cleaning claims to rid your ducts of harmful allergens and biological contaminants that would otherwise move into your air. Continue reading “Professional Duct Cleaning: A Waste of Your Money?”

Have You Scheduled an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit Yet?

Most people don’t call a technician for air conditioning services until they notice a problem with their systems. But there could be hidden issues lurking in their air conditioners long before they finally make the call. Even the smallest of internal AC troubles can lead to increased bills and can slowly wear down other components. How can someone tell for sure? By scheduling an annual AC maintenance visit! Continue reading “Have You Scheduled an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit Yet?”

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