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Buehler Air Blog : Archive for June, 2015

A Guide to Using Your Air Conditioner’s Thermostat Efficiently

The thermostat is probably the portion of your AC that you are most familiar with. But are you really taking advantage of it to the full extent so that you save the most money possible on your air conditioning this year? In this guide, we will give you a few tips and recommendations for using the thermostat in a way that saves you hassle and keeps bills low. Continue reading “A Guide to Using Your Air Conditioner’s Thermostat Efficiently”

3 Common Habits that Can Lead to Costly AC Repairs

When you have to call a technician for air conditioning repair, it can seem like quite an inconvenience. But what’s even more annoying is finding out that the issue may have been preventable. Any of the following habits can actually make AC issues more likely, so read on to find out how you can keep large costly AC repairs at bay. Continue reading “3 Common Habits that Can Lead to Costly AC Repairs”

A Look at the Money-Saving Benefits of Heat Pumps

So you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system. By now, you have probably looked at a few key factors that you hope for in a new system, like efficiency, affordability and durability. One thing you may not have considered, however, is looking into a different type of system entirely—a heat pump. Continue reading “A Look at the Money-Saving Benefits of Heat Pumps”

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making that Noise?

By now, you’re used to the hum from the outside portion of your air conditioner and the whir of the indoor fan as the AC kicks on for another cycle. So when your air conditioner makes a noise that differs from the norm, it can be alarming—and rightfully so. Don’t pass off a strange air conditioning noise as a normal part of operation, and don’t wait for repairs. Call a technician at the first troubling sound you hear. Continue reading “Why Is My Air Conditioner Making that Noise?”

Invest in a Variable Speed System for AC Replacement

Are you looking to replace your older air conditioning equipment this year? Your options for air conditioning installation have broadened in the last couple of decades, and AC systems are far more efficient than they once were. We’d like to help you pick the most energy efficient, high-performance system for your home by recommending a high-efficiency variable speed air conditioning system for your next replacement. Continue reading “Invest in a Variable Speed System for AC Replacement”

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